As one ages, certain aspects and altruisms of life become more abundantly clear.  As an example, there is an inverse relationship between the enjoyment found in a given activity and the free time in which to indulge in same.  No man ever lamented about spending too much time shooting ducks, though most of us can relate to the feeling of having spent far too much time at our places of employment. 

This blog (and the activities found therein) falls within the above mentioned absolute truth.  And given there is only so much time in a day, the predominant amount of mine has recently been spent at work.   I am thankful to be gainfully employed, but as most will understand, find myself wishing for much more time to spend in outdoor endeavours.  Such as life, I suppose.

And so, in the absence of any new outdoor experiences with which to regale the reader, I submit my plans and ideas for blogs to come.

In the weeks to follow, there will be several hunts to recount.  Spring bear season in Oregon has started and both Scott and I possess tags for the Southwestern portion of the State.  As such, the next few weeks to come will involve time spent glassing clear cuts and drainages in search for a couple of bruins upon which to hang our tags.  Additionally, the spring thaws will also bring newborn deer and elk and, as a result, some prime coyote hunting.  As the snows completely melt away in the Central and Eastern portions of the State, sage rats will be found (and dispatched) in the myriad agricultural fields.  More than a couple of hunts to chase “squeaks” will undoubtedly be enjoyed.

As a compliment to Spring hunting opportunities, I will also be completing a few articles regarding firearms, both in practice and material.  Articles on reloading for maximum hunting round accuracy and my personal method for selecting reloading components will be penned (or typed, as the case is).  Reviews of the Badlands 2200 pack, Leupold binoculars, Danner boots, and some really great products from North American Rescue will also be presented.  Other topics will include concealed carry tips, range practice suggestions, and training specifically for the sport of hunting. 

And so, I’d encourage you to check back frequently.  Be assured, as I’m able to eke out more time afield, you will undoubtedly be reading about it.

Stay safe.