Matt Thomsen

Matt Thomsen was born in Eugene, Oregon.  He grew up Eugene’s sister city, Springfield.  As a result of the patience and fervor for the outdoors possessed by his grandfather and father, Matt was introduced to shooting and fishing at a very young age.  The second he completed his first trigger pull, Matt was hooked.  He cut his teeth early chasing ducks in the flooded fields and impoundments around his home city.  Though a veteran waterfowl hunter by his twenties, Matt didn’t take his first buck until he was twenty-six.

Though he enjoys fishing, Matt is first and foremost a hunter and shooter at heart.  He routinely spends over seventy days afield each year during Oregon’s hunting seasons.  In addition to chasing bear, deer, elk, coyote, waterfowl, upland game, and the occasional sage rat or two, Matt was fortunate enough to draw one of seven annual tags and harvest a Rocky Mountain goat in Oregon in 2008.

Matt lives in Springfield with his wife and dogs.  He is currently employed by a local law enforcement agency and serves as a Police Officer and SWAT Team sniper.  Matt is a Pursue the Outdoors Field Staff Member and Writer.