Gene Ingram Knives

January 31, 2011

I am particular about my gear.  Those with whom I have shared a duck blind or wall tent will attest to my predilection toward specific brands of hunting equipment.  Its not so much a matter of snobbery or blind brand loyalty.  More so, I have specific expectations of the gear I choose to purchase and […]

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UnderArmour Cold Gear Base Layer 2.0

January 24, 2011

Alright, I’ll admit it:  I bought into the UnderArmour (UA) hype.   When the company first began peddling their compression-style undergarments, I auctioned off one of my kidneys and purchased a few of their offerings.  And I’ll also admit, I still wear their Heat Gear Metal Gear undershirts beneath my ballistic vest during the summer months.  I […]

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Thoughts on Reloading – Part One

January 12, 2011

One of my earliest memories of my Grandpa Bud involved sitting on an old metal stool inside his backyard shop.  Surrounded by gun parts, tools, reloading components, and the myriad other items Grandpa had collected over the years, I would watch in wonder as he took bullets, brass, primers, and powder, and married them into completed ammunition.  […]

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A Hunt in Memory of Grandpa

October 15, 2010

As I made my final turn into camp, I was acutely aware of the emotions trips previous had garnered. I was, however, unsettled. Where there should have existed optimism, contentment, and a sense of whole, I only felt unsettled conflict and anxiety. Such feelings were historically nonexistent. Indeed, the drive into the familiar surroundings of Sumpter, Oregon and […]

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Another Late Season Goose Adventure

March 14, 2009
Klamath Falls Specks 2007

As Dad and I slipped, spun, and slided southbound along Highway 97, a sliver of doubt forced itself into my mind.  Why are we doing this?  The temperature outside Dad’s Ford was well into the twenties.  The road was, well, nonexistent, as it had been replaced by a half-inch thick sheet of ice.  An attempt […]

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First Cast: A Try With The Fly

March 2, 2009

I have been called a great many number of things by a greater number of people regarding my somewhat excessive indulgence in all things Hunting.  Driven was one of the more flattering terms.  Obsessed was in there.  Ain’t right.  Lost his mind.  Out of control.  Yep. . .all those too. Unlike several of my other […]

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An Arizona Javelina Adventure

February 25, 2009
The Collared Peccary

Upon the mention of an Arizona hunt, the imagination is quickly and surely drawn to visions of cactus-choked sonoras, dry dusty ground, and flat featureless terrain.  Indeed, my first two experiences with hunting the Grand Canyon State reinforced this desert stereotype.  Having hunted in the southern portion of the State in years past, I was […]

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2008 Elkhorn Spike Hunt

November 13, 2008
Elk Camp 2008

I have always felt it wise to try to capatilize on the present opportunity. More simply, when life gives you lemons…well, you get the idea. Such was the case in June of this year, when the ODFW website showed I had not been successful in drawing the coveted Wenaha #2 tag for bull elk. My […]

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Opening Day – 2008 Oregon Duck Season

October 11, 2008

Were you to ask me regarding my opinion of the time spent between duck seasons, you would likely receive from me a single word answer:  Torture.  Plain, simple, agonizing torture.  As such, you can imagine the excitement which brews in the Thomsen home on the evening prior to any given waterfowl season opening day.   This […]

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My First Buck – Montana 2002

October 8, 2008
Deluxe Accomodations Indeed

I’ll admit it:  At twenty-six years old, I had yet to kill a buck.  Oh, I’d tried, but my ramblings through the soaking jungles of western Oregon had bore much more resemblence to clumsy nature hikes than true hunting excursions.  Too, I’d had some luck with the Oregon drawings and had on multiple occasions wandered […]

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