If you’re a hard core River Rat like myself you know how important it is to know just how much water is coming down your favorite river. In the past that meant finding time to get on the USGS website, and finding your river and the gauge that is upstream from the stretch your fishing.

Sometime back I came across a newer feature on the USGS site. You can set up a subscription so that you get text messages sent to your cell phone daily or even hourly if you wanted it. I went with the daily myself. Also if you want a more detailed report you can get that sent to you via e-mail.

It is very simple to do.

First go to your favorite river and choose the gauge you want the info to come from. Scroll down the page a bit, just below the daily discharge chart you will see on link on the right hand side that says “Water Alerts”


Click on that link it will take you to the subscription form where you can set up your notices. You can setup frequency, and setup when the notice will be sent to you. Either by a low water limit that you set or a high limit that you can also set. There is even an option to set it within a range or outside a range.


Just agree to the terms and click submit. You will receive a conformation text or e-mail depending on what you setup. After you confirm your all set. Whenever your settings are met you will get a notice sent to either your phone or e-mail.