Great Morning Sunrise over the lake.
Recently I had the pleasure of joining the owner of Ficious Jigs on the lake with some friends of his in tow. We met up at a local bait shop and got stocked up on provision for the day We had to cut the bs’ing short at the shop, cause we had some work to do today. We had to go and try to catch some fish, and we had a long drag through a lot of snow.
When we got to the lake Harry let us know what the game plan was for the day. We would start the day going after some sunfish, and see if we can get some slabs for the frying pan. After chasing them we would switch to perch. Harry was also testing some prototypes today while where out.
Mike Catching the smallest Sunnie
As soon as we got to our spot and cut some holes some fish began to make their way top side. We’re spread out along some docks. Some of us went with sight fishing while others where using the trusted springbobber. The bite wasn’t anything that would set the world on fire but it was steady for couple hours in the morning.
One of the keeper perch
As the bite slowed to nothing, a few of us decided to head out to the big water and try to track some perch down. One of Harry’s buddies and myself where the first to connect with some perch. We had a lot of them down there but very few that made it in the bucket. We tried to up-size our baits to keep the little guys off our jigs but they kept attacking our baits.
After only catching a few small keeper perch and the sun starting to fall, it was time to head back into the docks and try to pick up some more sunfish. The bite was a bit slower than the morning bite but again we were icing very nice sunfish.
Harry studying the springbobber for the next strike
The quality of the sunfish are just incredible. These guys where super heavy and tall. When you brought up a 8 incher , it looked more like 10 incher just because of its girth and height. These sunfish are surely an over looked fishery in this lake and Harry has it pegged when it’s hardwater time out there. When it was all said and done we end up with about 70 fish with only 2 or 3 of them being perch. It was a fantastic day on the ice with some new friends. There was a lot of great stories shared which always makes a day on the water that much better.
Ficious Jigs is a small local lure building company that’s based out of Harry’s home. He started making the jigs for himself, But quickly word got out about his jigs and he started making them for you! All of the jigs are hand painted, one at a time, no airbrushing or stencils. They feature chip resistant paints and clear coat to protect the finish. The back side of each jig is a hammered nickel finish and features Mustad hooks. Many of the glow colors are the second generation day/extended glow finishes.

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