Mark Martin with a nice eye

For part two we are going to cover the basic jigs and jigging motion some of the pros use. I asked Mark Martin who is a Michigan native and walleye expert to go through what he uses and how he works his jigs.

Mark uses between a 1/2oz. and 3/4oz. Northland round head jig with bait holder collar and stinger hook. Mark also went on to say ”There were times years ago I used 1/8oz. and 1/4oz. so the fish could easily inhale my offering with no stinger hooks. But there were more Walleye then and you didn’t have to attract them from a distance away like you have to now (bigger jigs more thump better profile gets Walleye’s attention). “ He likes to fish the jig with Gulp! (scent) plastics either a 3″ brown or black worm, or a 3″ Smelt. He also sometimes combos it up some by putting a 3″ Smelt on first and a small portion of the worm on last. Mark also said that he always carry’s live bait with him. “ Live bait is always with me, cause you never know when that’s going to be the key to catching walleyes”

Mark with Great Spring eye

Mark also doesn’t run a leader of any kind on his Med Heavy Fenwick HMG . “I don’t mess with leaders more things to tie when you break off and I have yet to see someone in my boat catch more by using a leader” He ties straight to the jig with 6lb Flame Green Fireline.

There is a few different ways you can jig in the river. The standard “thump” is were you hit bottom pick it up and repeat. The next method is great for “snaggy” areas like the Trenton channel “hit bottom and wiggle”. With this you hit bottom pick it up hold and wiggle a few inches off bottom then repeat. The third Mark uses is to hit bottom pick it up and hold it off bottom and just wiggle with a slow raise and lower motion without to much bottom contact.

Mark also added “Always remember when vertical jigging (face your adversity with your power source) calm days the current will be your only concern or adversity so you will face into the current with your power source watching your Flame Green Fireline.”We will cover boat control further in part 3.


Mark wrote a book called “Year Round Walleye, Fishing The Four Seasons!” In there he covers this topic in great detail with pictures and diagrams. You can pick up this book by going to click on books and videos.

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