This is from my friend over at Activist Angler  Robert Montgomery. He post sole on topics like this and is fighting the good fight and getting the info out to the anglers make sure you check out his site also.

As Activist Angler reported yesterday, many fisheries in the Great Plains are plagued by toxic algae blooms. They aren’t the only ones.

Blue-green algae blooms have been a seasonal problem on Lake Erie since the mid 1990s. But in recent years, they’ve grown worse, fed by farm fertilizers and sewer overflows. Possibly exotic zebra mussels have contributed as well, gobbling up more benign algae and other phytoplankton, while leaving the toxic blue-green to flourish with less competition.

Here is the latest from the Great Lakes Echo:

The news about Great Lakes algae just keeps getting worse.

Data at the University of Toledo’s Lake Erie Center in Oregon, Ohio, shows twice as much potentially deadly microcystis in western Lake Erie as there was this time last year. That’s significant because 2010 recorded the most such algae since a new reporting method began in 2002.

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