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Frabill Straight Line Combo - Out In Michigan

I know

I know,

Ice fishing already!

What can I say I love icefishing and well it has been on my mind for sometime. Even before this recent cold snap we just had.I have started to make a list of products I want to check out this winter. This is one I can’t wait to see. The reason I say that is because for years I have used cheap fly reels on many of my ice rods. I have been waiting patiently for one of the large ice companies to finally come out with a affordable reel and or combo with one on it.

Well Frabill has finally done it.

The beauty of using a fly reel on your ice rods is simply the best line management you can have. Plus you have a smooth drag system unlike the plastic schooly type reels that can sometime be rough.You get zero line twist which is common with spinning reels.Line twist is the main cause of “Jig Spin”. Jig Spin is the 1# enemy of chasing down some bull gills. Those big sunfish can be some of the finky and pickiest fish you will ever see.

These reels excel in two fishing styles “tightlining”, a technique and art form that hails from our great mitten state, and “sight fishing” another technique we here in Michigan know very well.

Brian “Bro” Brosdahl had this to say about the Straight Line Combo –

“Tightlining is an art.  It’s likely the finest means of presenting small baits to panfish ever developed.  I think of it almost like ‘hand-feeding’ the fish.  Line no longer serves as a disconnect with the fish.  You’re 100% locked into presentation, detecting subtle takes never realized with spinning gear.  Clearly, Frabill’s new Straight Line Combos are poised to change the game.  I can’t hide this trick in the dark corners of my rod locker anymore.  It’s much too deadly.  And so are these combos.  Now where I’ll be using them?  That’s a secret I’m going to keep.” 

Frabill is releasing three versions of this combo and they are due to be available around October.And will retail for $59.99

The 24 inch rod features Solid graphite blank that is designed for panfishing jigging. The other two combos are made out of fiberglass.Each rod also has a hook keeper, aluminum oxide guides, and blank through handle construction. The reel is made out of Aluminum, and features a 1:1 gear ration, smooth drag system and over sized handle for reeling in those bullgills when you have your gloves on.

I can’t wait to get mine in the mail come October, this October is going to be more like x-mas for me then the month hunting and candy eating.I will be doing a full product review of both the reel and the rod when I get mine so stay tuned for that.


Recently I have had some emails asking if you can change the retrieveral on the reel from Right to Left handed.The simple answer is yes, and below I put together a quick little video to show you how.


You can buy these Combos right now here. Frabill Straight Line Combo