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A Sneak Peak at MarCum Technologies’ Immersive LX-7 Sonar System - Out In Michigan

“You do of course know sir, that nothing quite like this has ever been done before,” remarked one high-ranking sonar lab-coat to another.

In the high-tech field of angling electronics, it’s a statement that the engineers at MarCum Technologies have learned to accept. It began with their game-changing underwater video cameras, which over a decade ago coupled advanced SONY® optics with high-resolution viewscreens for a near HD-quality viewing experience.

Soon after, advanced MarCum LX series ice-fishing flashers unveiled the first patented Adjustable Zoom, Interference Rejection (IR) software and vivid TrueColor Display technology. The LX-5, LX-3tc and VX-1Pro were immediately embraced by the sport’s elite anglers. Relied upon by the top-ranking competitive teams on the professional tournament trail, MarCum LX flashers have accounted for every North American Ice Fishing Team-of-the-Year title in NAIFC circuit history.

Next, MarCum then bested its own technology, developing a new breed of digital sonar. The ShowDown Digital Fish Finder provided an intuitive vertical perspective of the water column in a high-speed, high-resolution LCD. For the past several years, ShowDown has been the hottest, most in-demand ice sonar system on the market.

All this was merely the beginning.

The culmination of a decade-plus of advanced sonar engineering, the minds at MarCum Technologies recently leaked word of an all-new, totally immersive sonar system—LX-7.

At press time, here’s what we know:

• Integrates the optimum blend of “DNA” from MarCum LX Flasher and Digital Fish Finding technologies.

• Panoramic 8-inch LCD displays vibrant sonar images with four user-selectable color palettes

• Multi-Dimensional Sonar Display gives user maximum flexibility and the broadest underwater perspective. LCD windows include “water column vertical,” vertical zoom, flasher-dial and traditional widescreen graph displays.

• Industry-exclusive Sonar Footprint technology displays a 3-dimensional scan area of bottom coverage at any depth, with either 8o or 20o transducer cone angles (ex: 20o – 32-ft depth – 11.3 ft ‘footprint diameter’).

• Classic MarCum patented features—Infinitely Adjustable Zoom, Interference Rejection (IR), Auto Range, etc.

• Dynamic Depth Interface with auto-populating sonar ranges that maximize display area for optimal resolution at all times.

• Fully user-defined “Dashboard” displays digital depth, battery voltage, range, gain, IR, target adjust, or any combination thereof

• USB compatibility for web-friendly software upgrades

• Ultra-fast sonar response time – less than .02 seconds between the echo reaching the transducer and when signal appears on LCD screen

• Internal LCD heater for use in extreme cold

• Includes rechargeable 12-volt 9amp battery, charger and softcase.

• Intelligently managed sonar engine, driven by 4800-watts PtP (600-watts RMS)

Made in the USA

“We’ve always adhered to the precepts of innovation and the highest levels of sonar technology,” says MarCum Brand Manager, Jon Marshall. “So when we set out to build the next generation in ice fishing sonar, it was with a total team intent to greatly exceed anglers’ expectations. The LX-7 is indeed a wholesale advancement in technology, offering the best DNA from both worlds—real-time flasher response time combined with vivid LCD resolution and realism, all in an expansive and immersive colorful environment.”


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