Over the past 10 years or so ice fishing has really began to grow and evolve. Tackle makers are starting to take cues from their soft-water brethren, plastics just plainly catch fish.In the ice fishing world, that also translates into more larger specimens and species being caught. Leading the charge in this realm are two small US companies Little Atom and J and S Custom Jigs. These two companies have set themselves apart from all the large tackle companies by making quality products that help you catch fish, and not just numbers but quality fish.

Icefishing in many ways would have never made this leap if it wasn’t for the introduction of tungsten ice jigs to the United States. These compact heavy weight jigs make it possible to make these micro plastics wiggle, shimmy and shake like Mc Jagger on stage.

Exclusive Color in the Nuggie from Sportsmen's Direct

Since Little Atoms introduction of the Nuggie, Micro plastics have been winning tournaments and cashing checks all across the ice belt. The Nuggie was originally designed to fill a niche here in Michigan on Lake St. Clair, where it was very common for angler to fish with an Anise ball. A few local anglers worked with Little Atom to add a action pack tail to the Anise ball and born was what we call the standard Nuggie. Since then two other sizes have come out; the Micro and the Jumbo. Both are fish catching machines.


J and S Ice Mite

The new kid at the top with Little Atom is J and S Custom Jigs. J and S hit the scene last year with their Ice Mite. The ice mite has a ball at the end of its segmented body and tail that makes it bounce around like a kid’s super ball. It only takes the slightest amount of rod movement to make it come alive in the water. The ice mite is now offered in three sizes the Jr. , standard, and the magnum. J & S also (offers) two other shapes,  the GoJo and the paddle bug. These are also some pretty dang good fish catchers.

So if you haven’t tried out these pint sized fish catchers there is no time like the present. Also, don’t make the mistake of thinking these plastics are limited to ice fishing applications alone. Many savvy anglers are using these same baits all year long as part of their open water arsenal.