ION Electric Ice Auger

The “NEW” High Performance ION Electric Ice Auger

ION™ is the First High Performance Electric Ice Auger!

Winter 2013 is going to be one fun winter here at Sportsmen’s Direct. There is a lot of new products coming to market this year. Some are going to really push the boundaries in many categories this winter. One product that we got to see, hold and run the pro to-type of earlier this year was the ION™ Electric Ice Auger.

Electric Ice Auger are not new to the market there has been many on the market for years as far back has the 70’s or 80’s. But in the past they have been a little under powered and lugging a heavy car battery around , or having a heavy battery mounted to the top of the ice auger made getting around tough.

ION Ice Auger

The ION Ripping through ice like a gas auger

Fast forward to today….and enter the world of the ION™!

The new ION™ Electric Ice Auger gives you gas auger performance without the gas, weight, noise, exhaust or other hassles ice fishermen have had to tolerate since power augers first came onto the scene, decades ago.

The ION is fast. It will cut holes as quickly as gas or propane powered augers. The ION is down right powerful, cutting up to 40 holes through 24 inches of ice on a single charge in stealth like fashion. The ION is less likely to spook fish or annoy fellow fishermen when cutting holes. To boot the ION is lightweight. At just a petite 22 pounds ION is extremely maneuverable and easy to carry – unlike gas-powered augers. To sum it up, ION is user friendly. It provides the power needed without the physical punishment on your arms, ears and time to fish.

ION 40V Battery Pack

The Ultra light Ultra Strong 40V ION battery pack.

ION capitalizes on state-of-the-art battery technology featuring a high-energy, on-board, 40-volt lithium ion battery. This is similar to those found on high performance power tools, which is a major improvement from current electric 12-volt lead-acid battery systems. A revolutionary planetary gear transmission provides the optimal combination of high-power delivery without the weight, and is the big reason why ION weighs only 40% that of a gas-powered auger.

A big advantage of ION’s lithium ion battery system is charging time. ION’s removable battery takes only a mere 1 to 1 1/2 hours to completely re-charge and provides industry-leading power for a full day of drilling. A battery system also removes the troubles of cold starts, choking, priming, mixing, gas stops and gas transportation you have with traditional gas-powered augers!

ION’s lightweight is sure to make you a better ice fisherman and help you cover more ground!

“ION is the result of almost three years of development and it introduces several technologies never before seen in the ice auger world including a planetary gear transmission, a lithium ion power source and a flathead brushless motor designed specifically for ION. By building every aspect of this auger specifically for its electric application versus modifying existing technologies found in gas motors, we were able to maximize ION’s performance and efficiency and exceed the standards we set forth to meet.”–Mark Ruppel, CEO of Ardisam

ION is designed for optimal breakthrough and smooth cuts. ION’s “No-Catch” cutting system utilizes an exclusive “Straight-Through” blade design, which means you won’t get the bone-jarring experience of blades hanging up as they break through the bottom of the ice. The result is a smooth breakthrough with no jagged ice at the bottom of the hole to fray your line and cost you a big fish.

“ION combines never before achieved levels of performance with a multitude of conveniences that the ice fisherman will only really appreciate with use. By using state of the art technology and materials the ION has achieved super lightweight status with unmatched heavy-duty performance. We are excited to make the first truly high performance electric ice auger and to deliver innovative, game-changing products for the angler.”– Says Ruppel

ION Ice Auger

This auger is going to be hot ticket this year, so make sure you buy it early!

The ION Electric Ice Augers is available now for Pre-Orders with Sportsmen’s Direct. There you will find info on how the Pre-order works and also info on when the auger will ship out.