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ION Auger conversion to Lazer hand Auger - Out In Michigan

ION Ice Auger conversion to use a Lazer Hand Auger Bit

I know many of you panfish junkies want to buy a Ion Electric but don’t want to be into forced into using an 8″ auger bit.  Well, you don’t have to….

Initially we all thought , “Only one auger size? That’s lame!”  But whether coincidentally or accidentally on purpose you do have hole size options with your Ion. As a matter of fact, you may already own an auger that will adapt to the Ion by simply going to the hardware store and getting a (nut and bolt.)???

Here’s the deal, your new Ion’s out put shaft is just the right size to fit inside your current StrikeMaster Lazer Hand Auger or your Eskimo HD. That means you could use a 4″, 5″, 6″, 7″ or even your 8″ auger as a back up.  The only thing that I wouldn’t recommend is using your Ion on a drill larger than 8″ since it wasn’t designed to turn that large of an auger.

Here is the connection between the ION extension and the Lazer Hand Auger

Here’s the kicker, my guess is that you will undoubtly  increase the number of holes that you get by going to a smaller bit. And based on my experience with other electrics, you could double the number of holes you get.

I think you may also find that the Eskimo hand auger actually cuts smoother and will be less prone to “hanging up” as it breaks through at the end.  But whether you choose to use a StrikeMaster Lazer or an Eskimo, options are always nice.

Just another reason to go green this season, Ion Green that is!