Just few of the crappies I kept all are basically the same size.

Yesterday I headed out on the pond aka Lake St. Clair for a little panfish action. The game plan was to head out on the main lake and go after some perch with plastics. When I woke up in the morning the wind had already started whipping out on the lake.

So it was time to change up things and search out some calmer waters. I went up into the extreme shallows looking for gills, but the wind soon made it impossible to see the pockets in the weeds. I was able to catch a few nice gills with the largest being 9 inches.

The few I kept for my effort .

I then made a move to an area that I have had some good luck at. I tied on a drop-shot rig and plastics. When I got into my area I find out I am not alone here.There was up to 12 boats with in sight distance of me working the area. One of the docks I have been fishing was open so I made a be line for it.

After setting anchor I went to working the dock complex in front of me…..I soon had none stop action.I was pitching the drop-shot rig to the and past the dock pillions and worked it back to the boat. The fish really hammered  the offering of a Candy Plastics Munchies from Micro Spoons and Jigs in Glow rigged on a VMC Spinshot in size 8.I was fishing the rig on a St. Croix Panfish series rod model PFS70LXF which is a great rod for dropshotting panfish.

If you would like some more info on Drop-Shotting panfish check out my blog on this topic here.