Tungsten old, Tungsten new,  Tungsten black and Tungsten Blue.  That’s right I said blue. We have added even more to “The Original Heavy Metal Tungsten” jig line up, making it bigger and better than ever. We’ve brought back some favorites, some limited editions and lots of new colors and shapes too.
If you’re not familiar with tungsten,  let me give you brief run down.

Raw Wolfram (Tungsten)

Tungsten, also known as wolfram and is a chemical element with the chemical symbol W and atomic number 74. The word tungsten comes from the Swedish language tung sten directly translatable to “heavy stone”, though the name is actually volfram in Swedish. Tungsten is 1.7 times  heavier than lead. It melts at around 6000 degrees ferenheit and is fairly hard and brittle. It’s also more costly than lead and not available domestically as a raw material. Much of the raw material comes from Sweden, Russia or China.

Tungsten ice fishing jigs have been manufactured and used in these Eastern countries for many years. They are often referred to as Mormyshka, Marmooska,  marmyshka.  Lately here in the US,  companies are using just about any name they can come up with with a Mooska type sounding word on the end here to sell jigs, even when they don’t have one spec of tungsten in them… You will however find that most of the jig styles used in tungsten’s home land have a hole through them for tying the line to the hook shank vs our preference of tying the line to an eye on the hook.

The New Pro Series Jig in Firetiger

So what’s so special about tungsten? It gets down faster and can plow through weeds and slush better than lead, right? Well, yes, but that’s only part of it. The real secret to tungsten is that you can make it move differently than lead.  Since it’s heavier and has less water resistance, it has a faster and sharper response when jigged. That means lots more action when put into capable ice fishing hands and on the right rod. It also means that you can make tiny and not so tiny soft plastic baits jiggle and dance like never before.  And of course that means more bites…

Ok, so back to our Pro Series and other new jigs. With most of you folks now fishing plastics, the Pro Series has longer hooks and wider hook gaps than any other tungsten jig that we have offered to date. And in this case, bigger is better. Better for packing more live bait. Better for setting the hook and better for threading plastics on while leaving hook for sticking it to ’em…

Picture is Blue Hot Tiger

This series also incorporates both long lasting, super bright, super glow colors as well as UV Reflective Colors. Combine that with crazy detailed eyes, stripes and scale patterns on a tiny jig and you have tiny little works of art.  I guess I should also mention that we could have have them painted over seas, but we didn’t.  These jigs as well as our new Kuu and Smoothie jigs are all hand painted here in the US using premium epoxy finishes. Oh, and the gold and silver colors on the metallic based jigs, like all of our tungsten,  they are really gold and silver plating, not Nickle, chrome or paint. And trust me, it makes a difference in how well they reflect light.

Kuu Jig in Clown Tiger

Our new Kuu jig, gets its name from the Crescent Moon. It too has amazing paint finishes and gold and silver plating. This jig drops like a razor blade through weeds because of its shape and presents a big profile to horizontal feeding predators. It also stuffs nicely into micro sized tubes…hint…hint…

Smoothie Jig in Gilbert

The Smoothie is a round ball tungsten jig with lots of attitude and hook shank to go with it. We are offering this jig all the way up to a monster 8mm jig that is perfect for thumping the bottom for giant deep water perch, walleye, lake trout, and white fish.

So there you have it. Lots of cool new tungsten with a size, shape and color for all of your hard water needs.