Join in with a large group of fellow Pope and Young Club members for a January 2012, seven-day, semi-guided Coues’ deer hunt in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Sonora, Mexico (about 200 miles south of Douglas, Arizona).  The hunt takes place during the rut.  Includes carpooling from Douglas, ranch house lodging and meals.  The group splits up and heads to separate ranches (each more than 30,000 acres of arid, rolling hills with thornbrush-covered mesas).  Each ranch group will have a couple of assistants and a cook (three squares of original Sonoran recipes–mucho caliente!).

These ranches have seen very limited hunting in the past.  The entire arrangement is part of a large jaguar restoration project being funded, in part, by the Pope and Young Club’s Conservation Program.  This area has the northernmost breeding jaguar population in North America, and also has ocelot, kotamundis, mountain lion, coyotes, javelina and four breeds of quail.

Last year’s group of 25 bowhunters got 16 Coues’ deer bucks!  The largest one score 118.

This terrific and unique opportunity was donated by Dirk Dieterich (719-440-7700) and Harv Ebers.

Click here to see a few photos from this year’s trip:

This live auction takes place at the Friday Recognition Banquet, April 8th, during the upcoming P&Y Convention and 50th Anniversary celebration.  For more information on the Convention (it’s not too late to attend) and other great hunting opportunities that will be auctioned, visit the Club’s website.  For those who can’t make it to the convention, absentee bidding can be pre-arranged through the Club’s headquarters (507-867-4144).


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