Hunting season has just arrived and many of us are or have
been heading to the hills looking to whack that big buck of a lifetime. With
all the gadgets on the market this one caught my eye and after a year of using
it I have come to one conclusion that it works great in the field.

First this handy package comes in a Real tree or Mossy Oak pattern. The Tripod comes equipped with a number of features that will give the hunter the edge he needs to harvest his buck and capture the moment on film. Lets look at what the Tripod offers:

The Bash tripod has a rifle and bow holder that we can all appreciate. Whether you are in a
blind or hunting in the open field the tripod will hold your weapons off the
ground instead of leaning them against a tree or brush or even in the dirt. A
major plus when knowing where your weapon is at all times. It also offers
protection from mud, dirt or snow and keeps your scope from bumping the ground.

The next feature I like is the binocular holder. The mount offers another hand to hold your glass steady looking at your game without setting down your rifle or other equipment. To me that is
invaluable. Along with the binocular holder comes a spotting scope / camera
mount. This is a feature that I have truly come to love. How many times have
you looked for that perfect rest for a mini tripod to keep your scope steady?
More than you care to think about. On the tripod the scope always sits at eye
level. Also it is a universal camcorder or camera mount. Now you can film your
hunt without the need of a second person or cameraman. Something we all want to do.

The arms of both the binocular mount and camera mount swing out of the way in order for you to use the rifle rest that is on top of the tripod. With all these features a hunter can look through his binoculars, turn on the camera and rest his rifle for the perfect hunt scenario. The added bonus is a steady rest to give you a quick and clean kill on camera. And for bow hunters you can pop off the rifle rest and turn it into an arrow holder! What more can a hunter ask for!

Just when you think it can’t get any better the makers of BASH Tripod offer a light mount to
help you dress your game in the dark. If you’re like me I hunt the evening
hours and it never seems to fail that I drop an old mossy back right at the
last hours of light. With the light mount you can set the tripod up so you can
have the perfect lighting source to help you clean your animal and also keep
your fingers intact with blades wheeling around.

In my testing over the year I have found that the tripod offers the sportsmen something he
has never had access to, another hand in the field that takes place of a
cameraman and also access to a steady binocular holder with a rifle rest all in
one. With the entire setup weighing in at only 2.5 pounds this is one product
you won’t mind strapping to your pack!

Check them out at  for additional information.

QUALITY: This is an aluminum machine-shopped product made in
the USA. The entire product is backed by a lifetime warranty. What more can I

RELIABILITY: After a year of wear and tear deer hunting to
turkey hunting the body of the tripod has stayed intact minus a few scratches.
The strap could be more durable as I have broken it once.  The aluminum housing does create unwanted noise but  extra padding should quiet it. A well made American product.

PRICE/VALUE: Can you put a price on a cameraman? How about a third
or fourth hand? If you could it would cost well more than the $119.00 you spend
on the basic tripod. Some of the features cost extra and a fully loaded tripod
costs close to $250 for a lifetime of hunting and filming. But on the other
hand I am sure the cameraman would cost at least that much…for 1 hunt!

REFERABILITY: I have no doubt this is my favorite piece of equipment on my hunts. If I use it then you
should be to. I have and would refer this to all my colleagues in the hunting