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The Ultimate Outdoorsman's Trip - Follow the Trail with Steven Frambes

We headed over to the Steens mountains in southeastern Oregon for a week long break from the city life. The plan was to thin the coyote population out a bit, and hopefully get into close enough range to capture some great photos of big muleys, bighorn sheep, and antelope.



Arriving at our hunting/camp spot, we found conditions more than perfect. A foot of snow had fallen, which congregated the animals, and made spotting coyotes ideal. Although the snow made sleeping conditions a bit rough, seeing the deer everywhere, and antelope herds healthy was well worth the restless nights freezing in the sleeping bag.

Although spotting over 40 coyotes, we ended up with only calling 10 dogs to our credit. But I am happy to say that all 10 dogs would later be by our side.


When we weren’t positioned calling yotes, or glassing the hills for other four legged critters, we found a nearby stream to produce Redband trout in the 20 inch range.


An absolutely amazing week, and a place I will never forget. There was never a dull moment and always something to do. Truly the ulmimate sportsmans week.