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The IncrediBULLS! - Outdoor Callings

Ever caught yourself drooling as your eyelids become heavy while your mind drifts off to past elk memories? Wonder what causes this phenomenon? It could be the “Wild At Heart” in all of us claims John Eldridge. As men, our souls long for adventure in the outdoors; it’s like a spiritual calling! Men are men and masculinity bestowes masculinity! That’s how this past rifle elk season remains in my memory…

2010 1st Season Rifle Success

“WOW”, incrediBULL year… nothing better than spending “quality time” with “quality guys” hunting bull elk. I was blessed with the priviledge of guiding two fine hunters this past season. Both were in search of mature branch bulls hunting a secluded area just after peak estrous. The hunt began scouting a herd of over sixty elk with multiple branch bulls.  We caught the herd on the move at sunrise heading for a saddle enroute to their bedding area. We played the wind and moved quickly to cut them off. Lucky for us the elk were still feeding slowly allowing us to sneak into the middle of them as they bedded on the ridge top. Keith pulled the first trigger as a 6×6 presented himself at approx. 300 yards. After being hit by a .300 Mag, the bull dropped instantly allowing our first kill of the day!

First Bull Down

As most of you know, shooting an elk is just the beginning! We had to figure out if we should gut, quarter and pack or… drive the Razor with a trailer to the bull and haul to camp for final cleaning. You guessed it, we chose to go with the Razor however as you can see below, a picture is worth… well, we won’t go there!

OOPS - Good Times!!!

Morning arrived early blessing us with GREAT success…. then came time to head out for another attempt before dark. I took the guys deeper into the timber where BIG bulls tend to lounge. As we approached the water hole, we caught a large bull drinking that realized he had just been caught in the open with little escape. I dropped Joey and his father in hopes that the bull would watch the Razor drive off while the shooters set up on him. Minutes later…  “BANG”! Joey was able to dope the scope and focus on the bull placing a shot to the upper neck severing the spinal cord. It’s amazing how fast it all happens!

Joey's First Bull

Congratulations to Joey on harvesting a beautiful 7×7 at 15 years of age. What a way to finish the day. I can honestly say that killing two branch mature bulls in one day is an accomplishment we may never experience again… What a treat to recall such an event – oh, it’s time to wake up and wipe the drool from my chin!

God Bless!

“Yesterday is the tomb of time, and tomorrow is the womb of time.

Only now is yours!”  – R.G. Lee

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