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What can I say… Oregon Packworks says it all!

If you’re searching for the perfect pack, then search no more!!! The “bomb proof” multi-use interchangeable “universal” modular pack system is here! Consider the “One is All” suspension system by Oregon Packworks or the “Whole Shabang!” as they call it… This is a Northwest product designed for the serious outdoorsman looking for lightweight durability coupled with options to convert in the field from a complete wilderness configuration to the ultimate day use pack. Oregon Packwork’s unique patent-pending design offers multiple options in different camo patterns to accomodate different environments from high desert sage to coastal rainforest.

Troy Hunting with the Orion

This system “truly” defines versatility! Start with the fanny pack, change to a suspension lumbar pack, then add the hydration pack for the Rogue option. If that were not enough, add side bags and the meatshelf to complete the Orion model. Last but not least, add the Green Gate bag to complete the Whole Shabang!

Fanny Pack

Rogue Configuration

Orion Configuration

The Whole Shabang!

This past season we were fortunate to discover Oregon Packwork’s complete “universal” system. Fishing, hunting, archery then rifle season, we stressed these packs through rigorous tests carrying heavy loads, packing game, hiking extreme brush, setting base camp and dealing with harsh elements. When rifle season arrived in late fall, we were able to put the packs through a second round of testing where not only were they comfortable to wear, the design allowed us to overload where other packs had failed. The extra webbing with snap connectors worked outstanding for securing game inside the meatshelf.

The owners of this Bend based company share a passion for “high quality” outdoor survival gear at an affordable price! Karl and Dan who specialize in Emergency, firefighting, rescue and extreme backcountry adventure feel they have created the “Holy Grail” when it comes to their incredible system! “Buy what you need and have the option to expand when necessary they say”; I say – “put the product to the test yourself”!!!

Meet the Founders

Dan Bray

Karl Findling

After spending over thirty years in the field trying to modify other pack designs, Oregon Packworks has finally created the system we’ve been looking for… Their online store at allows consumers a full menu of resources to research pack designs for every need.  Check out the extra goodies like the big game “TAG”  bags and their hydration system not to mention new releases like the Bino Bro.

New Bino Bro

Here’s a local “pack system” created by inspired backcountry purists designed to meet the custom needs for those looking to invest in an “all purpose” pack that will accomodate the toughest demands. We found this pack to be extremely suitable for other occupational demands as well such as survey work, rescue, firefighting, photography, forestry, logging, etc… If you are not satisfied, please write and leave me a comment specific to your thoughts… This company is very flexible and willing to accomodate custom requests within reason.

Thank you Oregon Packworks for working hard at bringing your vision to reality so that we all may enjoy and pass down to future generations!

2010 Guided Youth Hunt

“Nothing is really ours until we share it” – C.S. Lewis

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