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Family Friendly Fishing Waters - Out In Michigan

Family Friendly Fishing Waters LogoAre you looking for a great place to go fishing that is easy to access, has a high likelihood of catching fish, has various amenities, and is all around family-friendly? Then the Family Friendly Fishing Waters project can help!

Below you will find a map that highlights family-friendly fishing locations throughout the state of Michigan. Just click on a county to get started!

Do you have a location you’d like to see listed? The DNR will continue to collect Family Friendly Fishing Waters location submissions. Just visit our online form at fill in the necessary details.

Our established format asks applicants to share digital photos of any suggested Family Friendly Fishing Waters location. To do so, an email can be sent to with the photos included as JPEG attachments. The email subject line should reference the suggested location. Photos should be relevant to the suggested location and highlight the fishing area(s), the parking area and/or the water body itself. Be sure to take several photos from various angles and we will select the best ones to use.

Please note, all Family Friendly Fishing Waters submissions and locations are vetted by DNR staff to ensure they fit the necessary requirements. Submission of a water body does not guarantee it will be included on the Family Friendly Fishing Waters website. The DNR will make every effort to include as many water bodies that are submitted as possible.

For additional fishing locations in Michigan (particularly those located on the Great Lakes), check out the Pier Michigan website located at

Family Friendly Fishing Waters Map