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Out in Michigan is Michigan’s premier fishing and outdoor blog. OIM offers an unique marketing opportunity- a chance to reach fishermen and outdoorsmen who are looking for detailed info on a variety of fishing topics, unbiased and helpful product reviews, and a source of info like free lake maps, DNR news, fishing guides and more! OIM is nationally syndicated on 360 plus websites with an avg of a 11 million monthly users across the entire network.To learn more about how OIM is syndicated click here.

Home Page Ad Location

OIM offers a variety of ad locations. Our ads run on a rotational basis, the amount of impressions per month is solely dependent on the amount of advertisers currently enrolled. Advertising may be bought in monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly and yearly blocks. You pay one flat rate, so as we grow the value you get grows.


Location once inside the blog

600×120 located on the lake map page(hottest new page at OIM)
300 x 250 located in the center of the page on the home page. Once into the site the ad will run in the right side bar.
600 x 120 This is located at the top of every blog.(coming soon)

Contact us for pricing

Sponsoring OIM allows you to create a totally custom program to meet your company’s needs. Some of the perks you get:

  • Placed into our ad rotation throughout the site.
  • Special promotion opportunity
  • Social Media integration(facebook, twitter, and other web communities)
  • Priority posting of press releases
  • and much much more…….

Economical Ad Space

Our economical ad space is designed for charter boat Captains and Guides looking for a place to get their name out and in front of the people looking for their type of services in their areas. We place your ad in our weekly fishing reports and place you right at the top of your regions reports. Effectively placing your ad in front of people looking for fishing reports for your region.Your service will be placed into our charter boat and guides listing page at no extra charge.On top of all that you can also submit photos of your happy clients with a report and we will place it into our weekly reports.
The Stats and History

OIM went live as you see it now in March 2011 when it became syndicated across the Outdoor Hub Media Network. It quickly became the #1 ranked blog on its home blog network Outdoor Blog Network, and is now ranked in the top 5 of all blogs across the Outdoor Hub network of sites most months! The purpose of this blog was to be more then just a blog, but a place were outdoorsman of all skill levels can come and learn and expanded their knowledge and also to share with other readers of the blog.

One example of how OIM is sticking to our mission of teaching is through blogs such has the 101 series explaining the basic info needed to get started or fish a seasonal run like the Spring Walleye Run on the Detroit River, or like the fall Perch bite on the bigwaters of the great lakes. These 101 blogs give anglers info like what rods, reels, line, and rigging. They also go further in explaining some basic presentation techniques, and boat control techniques anglers used during these times

We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions or like a price sheet feel free to Contact us.