J and S Ice Mite Magnums

We are now in the heart of the bigwater perch season here in Michigan. The weather hasn’t been to kind over the last few weeks so the amount people that have been able to get out has been very limited. To top it off the bite has been a little tough also. But stable weather looks to be on the way for us so the bite should get “RED HOT” again.

When the bite gets hot it is super important to get up and down fast so the school stays under your boat.Here in Michigan we can use three rods and over in Ohio and Canadian Waters we can only use two. Fishing multiply rods can be really tough when the bit gets fast and furious, but there is a way to make these allowances work for you the next time your out on the big water.

One thing I have learned over the years is that you have to keep baits in front of the perch to keep the bite active. That is nearly impossible when you have to bait two rods with minnows. Many times the one rod you have down while your baiting the other will get robbed while your not looking.

So one way I have started to combat this , is by using the same plastics that I use during the hardwater season. One of my go to baits for this comes from my friends over at J and S Custom Jigs. They make a Mangum sized Ice Mite that is about  2 inches long. This bait has just a unbelievable amount of action.The bait whips around with the littlest of movement. So there is no need to even impart action with the rod most of the time.I have even had times that they will just destroy the rod with just the plastics and hardly look at live bait.I fish plastics on a Tight-line rig, you can read more about this rig on my blog “Tight-lining yellow pygmy walleye“.

He looks hungry

Also try fishing a plastic & livebait together. Yellow perch are the little cousin of Walleye and doing this is very popular with walleye fisherman.I have had a days that the perch just want the bulk of the two together. One other little thing I have seen. Some of my biggest fish every trip will take the plastics over livebait.

So if you haven’t tried fishing plastics for yellow perch out on the bigwater give it a try this fall you might just be shocked what you might catch on these action packed mirco plastics.If you would like to pick up some of these plastics from J and S Custom Jigs swing on by my friends over at Sportsmens Direct they have the full J and S line-up

Want to learn more about fishing Yellow Perch on Bigwater Check out this blog for all the info you will need to get started this fall.

Big Water Yellow Perch Fishing