This month we at OIM are running another contest. This time though its a photo contest we want to hear your fish tale. Send us a pic along with the story to go with it. If you send us the best story we will send you two custom ice rods made by a local builder and over 40 ice jigs by the builder.You can enter more then one photo.

You can learn more about how to enter here.

Here are two just two of the many that have been sent in.

Name: Thomas Stephens Grand Ledge, MI

Mikes 10-5/8", 1lb. and 1-3/4 oz Michigan Bluegill

 “My friend Shannon Chambers were fishing at Jordan Lake and got out at our spot to fish at about 1:00pm or so. I noticed that I hadn’t brought out my crickets and had left them in my van back at the landing. After catching a few bluegills on waxworms we decided to go back to the landing and get the crickets in the van. When we got back at our spot for fishing I put on a cricket on a white ant that I had made and I had my bobber go under the water and disappear from the surface. Little did I know how big the bluegill was at the other end of my line and the fight was on! I use the 12′ Shakespeare Crappie Hunter Rods and the rod bent like crazy with the big gill one. When I finally landed the big gill my friend Shannon couldn’t believe the size of it and kept saying ‘man that’s a gigantic bluegill’! It measured 10-5/8″ long and weighed 1lb. and  1-3/4 oz.”

Name:  Anthony Perotti Madison Heights, MI


Anthony and his 1st king

“August 26, 2007.  My first ever King Salmon.  Along with a few longtime friends, I headed up to Manistee, MI to fish with Captn. Gramza and Fish R Us Charters.  This had been all of our first-ever charter for salmon.  I had been salmon fishing before along rivers, but never trolling or out on the Great Lakes.  The end of the previous July, my dear friend Bill Parkhurst passed away.  I put the little angle pin I had received when I was one of his pawl bearers onto my hat and said a prayer for all of us for our success.  Bill was a great fisherman and lover of the outdoors, not to mention a very dear friend who I had the pleasure of having spent the day with the evening before he passed.  Long story short…it was Fish r Us’ best day that year!  We all limited out and didn’t loose a single fish.  The Captain even remarked that it was an unbelievable day. Bill, I do believe not only came through…but helped each of us in not loosing a fish that day.  Thanks bill”


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