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About - Pacific Northwest Bowhunting



Tom Ryle grew up in the Puget Sound area of Washington State and has been bowhunting public land big game in the Northwest over 30 years. His passion for bowhunting has also fueled adventures across the U.S., Canada, and South Africa. He is active with Cabela’s pro staff, where he puts on educational seminars and demonstrations covering a variety of hunting, cooking, and outdoor pursuit topics.

Following his passion Tom worked with National Bowhunters Hall of Fame inductee, Larry D. Jones, at Wilderness Sound Productions. Filming, designing game calls, and many hunting adventures with Larry made this a priceless learning experience.

Later, Tom partnered with Bowhunter Magazine’s Technical Editor, Dave Holt, in Colorado. They conducted bowhunting clinics and spent 150+ days afield each year bowhunting, testing new products, and filming promotional videos and target footage for DART Target Systems and Techno Hunt.

Tom has be active in the hunting industry for many years. He is an official measurer for the Pope and Young Club, the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association, NW Big Game, Inc., and Oregon Shed Hunters. Tom is also an IBEP/NBEF certified bowhunter education instructor, USA Archery Level 1 instructor, and long-time supporter of many conservation groups. Over the years his articles, artwork, and photographs have been published in a variety of hunting industry magazines, publications, and books.

Professionally, Tom is an Industrial & User Experience (UX) Designer. He resides in Olympia, Washington – the heart of the Pacific Northwest – with his wife Wendy and their two amazing daughters, Abbey and Kate.

Official Measurer

Today, the subjects of record books and “what it scores” are often controversial. The focus on big animals and inflated egos degrade and undermine the entire purpose of record keeping organizations. Simply stated, it’s about honoring the animal and contributing to our conservation efforts.

“The Pope and Young Records Program archives provide great insight into the past and present management, health and trends of North America’s wildlife populations and bowhunting opportunities. The Records are a testimonial to wildlife, traditional wildlife management and the importance and success of hunting as a management tool.”

– Pope and Young Records Program

I’ve been an active P&Y member since 1994 and have been measuring big game antlers, skulls, and horns for more than 10 years. I also measure for Northwest Big Game, Inc. (state books for WA, OR, ID, MT), Oregon Shed Hunters, and the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association.

If you’re in the area, don’t hesitate to contact me. Or you can:

Records Programs