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Southern Outdoor Technologies Introduces Archer's Caddie - Outdoor Blog Network

WEST POINT, Mississippi- Southern Outdoor Technologies, makers of the Sportsman’s Condo hunting blinds introduces the Archer’s Caddie. Designed for all style bows, the Archer’s Caddie is a free standing bow and equipment holder.

“The Archer’s Caddie is a must have for anyone who owns a bow”, said Mark Bernegger, of Southern Outdoor Technologies. Features include a built in gear box, cup holder, and arrow compartments. Constructed from indestructible polyethylene, it weighs just 6 pounds.

“We are pleased to offer the Hunter, 3-D Shooter, and Competitive Professional a handy, compact, and fully assembled product. Archer’s really like the padded rest to protect their bow” added Bernegger.

“The Archer’s Caddie allows us to continue expansion into the bow hunting market. Having just introduced our Stand Caddy and our new Sportsman’s Condo “Bow Condo” we are excited to offer the archery enthusiast an ever expanding line of quality products, said Lee Blair, vice president of product development.

For more information visit the company’s website at

Southern Outdoor Technologies was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in West Point, MS. The company offers the hunter an expanding line of products to help them enjoy the outdoor experience.

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