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Other Fishing Blogs

These fishing-related blogs aren’t in our network, but we want to share them with our readers. You can also submit a blog.

  • AnglerWise – Covers freshwater fishing in North America, featuring videos, articles, and how-to guides.
  • Basic Fishing Tips – Offers fishing tips and information.
  • Bish on Fish – Posts about fishing in New Zealand with commentaries, news, how-to articles, and fishing stories.
  • Blazer Shane’s Blog – A personal blog dedicated to fishing.
  • Blog Cabin Angler – Fishing for trout in Eastern Idaho.
  • Chaser Key West Fishing Report – Fishing information and tips for the Key West area.
  • Connecticut Fishing Reports – Posts reports and articles presented in Connecticut’s newspapers.
  • The Daily Bag Limit – Fishermen ang fishing enthusiasts’ source for news and information on the events and politics that affect fishing sports in Maine and other places of North America.
  • DaParson’s Fishing Adventures – Information on fishing around the Galveston jetties.
  • Evening Secret Fishing – Provides fishing tips, angling information, and other outdoor activity news.
  • Find the River – Thoughts and musings on fishing, life, and passion from the point of view of an angling fanatic.
  • Fish the West – Information and guide for people who fish in Nevada and other Western Lakes.
  • Fishing Blog and Guide – Articles, reviews, and opinions on fishing gadget and equipment.
  • Fishing Fury – Covers all aspects of fishing. Includes photos and videos.
  • Fishing Jones – Commentary on news effecting the fisherman.
  • Flatsfishingonline – Logs of various fishing adventures and comments on other topics of interest.
  • Flies and Fins – Photos and information on recent fishing trips.
  • Freshwater Fishing and Muskie Info – Tips, techniques, and articles on muskie fishing in different locations.
  • Full Time Fishing – An angler’s chronicle on fresh and saltwater fishing.
  • I’m Fishing – Information and personal thoughts on fishing. Includes articles on fishing lure care and repair, strategies, and a guide to fishing sites.
  • Just Keep Reeling – Andy Whitcomb is a humorous outdoor writer who has been published in Outdoor Oklahoma MagazinePennsylvania Angler and Boater, and Oklahoma Today. He is also on the staff of
  • Lake Texoma Striper Fishing Blog – Fishing news, directory, and information pertinent to Lake Texoma.
  • Moldy Chum – Fishing related news, commentary, and links.
  • Musings of a Mad Fisherman – Chronicles the adventures of a fishing hobbyist enthused with catching salmon and trout.
  • NL Wilson WoolyBlogger – Provides fly fishing report and discussions on outdoor adventures across the United States.
  • Oak’s Woods – Online place for discussing nature and outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing.
  • Saltwater Fishing – Blog features news, reports and insights about saltwater fishing.
  • Tattered Fly – Personal fishing experiences, information on fishing spots, and gear reviews. With tips and photos.
  • Ted Lund’s Saltwater Fishing Blog – Fishing information and coverage of recent trips.
  • Walleye Fishing in Montreal – Information on commentary from a self described walleye fishing maniac.