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Other Geocaching Blogs

These geocaching-related blogs aren’t in our network, but we want to share them with our readers. You can also submit a blog.

  • Adventures in Geocaching – Blog site of a Texan geocaching enthusiast. Presents notes, sample maps, tips, and hints.
  • Arkansas Geocachers Association – Presents updates, information on events, surveys, and other information of interest to Arkansas geocachers.
  • Arkansas Geocaching – Writes about geocaching in Arkansas. With tips, techniques, and featured geocache containers.
  • Blazerfan’s Geocaching Adventures – Jason Breedlove’s notes and thoughts on geocaching. With links to other geocaching sites.
  • BomberJjr’s Geocaching Blog – Sharing a Massachusetts geocaching adventure and happenstances.
  • – Contains news, cache and waymark listings, and random thoughts on geocaching.
  • Caching Adventures – Read through blogs, articles, and the forums that share geocaching adventures and experiences.
  • – A fun and informative geocaching blog that also covers nature and the outdoors, outdoor photography, hiking, family fun, wildlife, hunting, fishing, birdwatching, ATVs, mountain biking, cooking, traveling, camping, farming, collecting, and hi-tech gadgets.
  • CachingCentral – Comprehensive geocaching news blog covering most areas of the United States.
  • Cerebrations and Explanations – Features a few life musings, photos, and geocaching adventure reports.
  • eCache – Geocaching blog site with downloadable items, scorecards, and links to related GPS game information and resources.
  • Furthermore, Flask – Geocatching blogs and more from a Vermont local.
  • Geocache Watercolor Sketches – Cites a number of notable encounters associated to adventures in geocatching, through watercolor sketches.
  • Geocaching – Official global GPS Cache Hunt site posts updates, news, and other relevant information.
  • Geocaching – Geocaching logs, tools, and updates on the geocaches found.
  • Geocaching News Worldwide – Keep up with the latest in geocaching in this blog site.
  • GPSOkie’s Photography and Geocaching Blog – Presents articles on geocaching tools, tips, and photos.
  • IowaAdmin’s Geocaching Blog – Shares a marketing guy’s passion for the geocaching sport.
  • Jestcaching – Information on geocatching gadgets, history, activities, and more. With some trivia.
  • Musings about Geocaching – Presents personal logs and notes on a geocaching obsession. Includes maps, photos, and statistics.
  • Steve’s Blog – Everyday life journals that include notes geocaching, profession, and family life.