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Outdoor Channel Starts New Year with 19 New Shows - Outdoor Blog Network

Temecula , Calif. – December 27, 2010 – Outdoor Channel, America’s Leader in Outdoor TV, today announced the debut of its compelling first quarter (Q1) programming schedule, produced in 100 percent native high definition (HD). Nineteen shows will make their network debut, including four former ESPN series. Outdoor Channel is also proud to present all new episodes of 50 of its top returning outdoor programs.

Outdoor Channel provides high quality content designed to entertain America’s 87 million outdoor enthusiasts. The network’s shows cover the most prominent outdoor themes: hunting, fishing, shooting, off-road motorsports, and adventure. Additionally, conservation is a theme that is prominently featured in the network’s programming line-up. Outdoor Channel is home to the biggest celebrities and producers in the outdoor industry, bolstered by a powerful slate of notable entertainers and athletes who have a passion for the outdoors.

“Outdoor Channel continues to be the top network for outdoor enthusiasts. We’re excited about our 19 new shows and 50 returning favorites – all available in the pristine clarity of HD,” said Tom Hornish, COO, Outdoor Channel. “On tap this season are some of the outdoor genre’s marquee names, including Michael Waddell, Ted Nugent, Lee and Tiffany Lakosky and Jim Shockey. These marquee personalities will be joined by stars like Tom Brokaw, Michael Keaton and Jeff Foxworthy. New shows like ‘Wardens’ and the ‘AWA Pro Series’ really push the envelope in outdoor programming, reinforcing that Outdoor Channel is ‘America’s Leader in Outdoor TV.'”

Bolstered Fishing Line-up

In a deal announced earlier this year, Outdoor Channel will premiere four former ESPN fishing shows, including “Buccaneers and Bones,” starring veteran journalist Tom Brokaw, Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated actor Michael Keaton and actor Zach Gilford of “Friday Night Lights”; “The Saltwater Series”; “Spanish Fly”; and “Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show.” Also new to Outdoor Channel is “Ultimate Match Fishing” co-host Fish Fishburne with his new show, “The Fish Fishburne Show.” Further stacking Outdoor Channel’s line-up of fishing shows is “Fishing University,” “Wild on the Fly Presented by Grizzly Hackle” and “Ford’s Fishing Frontiers” featuring fishing legend Flip Pallot.

“The addition of these fishing shows is a clear demonstration of Outdoor Channel’s commitment to bringing the best outdoor programming of all genres to our loyal viewers,” said Hornish.

Innovative Hunting, Shooting & Adventure Programming

In addition to Outdoor Channel’s slew of new fishing shows, the network will also debut several new and notable hunting, shooting and adventure series. Among those is “Bass Pro Shops AWA Whitetail Pro Series Presented by GhostBlind,” an exciting, one-of-a-kind deer hunting competition that culminates in the crowning of the AWA World Champion. Also new to Outdoor Channel’s Q1 schedule is “Wardens,” a show that follows conservation officers in Montana as they defend the great outdoors from poachers and other hazards. And, “Friends of NRA Presented by Brunton” joins the line-up, featuring Matt Duff and Jessie Abbate as they explore the behind the scenes aspects of the shooting world.

NEW Series:

Young Blood – Debuts Monday, December 27th at 10:30 p.m. ET
Fourteen-year-old McKenzie Sims proves that you don’t have to be an adult to travel the world in pursuit of the world’s most elusive and dangerous game. This family oriented show follows McKenzie and his father Jack, along with world renowned professional hunters and outfitters, from the frozen mountains of Turkey, through the blistering heat of Africa, and all the way to the rolling hills of Montana. Together, their combined experience and wisdom help guide McKenzie on his quest to become an expert outdoorsman himself. Notable highlights from this season include McKenzie’s attempt to tackle Africa’s “Big Five” in a single safari.

FOXPRO Fast & Furious – Debuts Thursday, December 30 th at 7:00 p.m. ET
Join hosts Abner Druckenmiller and Mike Dillon, FOXPRO Inc. employees and avid hunters, for this fast-paced, action adventure and first all-predator hunting show on television. Top predator experts will offer insights into the best technique for calling, scouting, stand setup and gear to make any outdoor enthusiast an outstanding predator hunter. This season the hunt goes from Alberta, Canada to Wyoming and all the way to Virginia and Washington. From fast critters to quick stands, predator hunting is intense; with rifles in hand, scatter guns in lap, or even the occasional bow hunt, their crews are prepared for whatever comes their way…and there’s never a dull moment.

Tecomate Whitetail Nation – Debuts Thursday, December 30 th at 8:30 p.m. ET
Join host David Morris, along with comedian Jeff Foxworthy, as they take viewers across North America in search of giant bucks and reveal the secrets of the Tecomate Management System used to grow so many monster whitetails. “Tecomate Whitetail Nation” expands audiences’ perspectives about what is possible through serious, practical wildlife management and helps viewers realize their deer hunting dreams where they both live and hunt. Centered around the revolutionary Tecomate Food Plot Strategy, the show wraps this paradigm-shifting management information in a fast-paced, entertaining format. Each episode features a hunt and information about whitetail management, behavior and biology. But above all, “Tecomate Whitetail Nation” captures the appreciation and sense of stewardship true sportsmen and managers have for the land and its wildlife.

Wardens – Debuts Thursday, December 30th at 9:30 p.m. ET
When your job is protecting our most precious natural resources in some of the nation’s most remote areas, there is rarely a dull moment. “Wardens” chronicles the lives of conservation officers in America, with the 2011 season focusing on the great state of Montana. Watch as these brave men and women defend public lands from poachers and other environmental hazards, brave treacherous whitewater rapids and embark on intense snowmobile trails in the remote grizzly bear country. It’s all in a day’s work for these protectors of the great outdoors.

Bass Pro Shops AWA Whitetail Pro Series presented by GhostBlind – Debuts Thursday, December 30th at 11:30 p.m. ET
This highly anticipated new show follows the road to the crowning of the AWA World Champion, beginning with the four Whitetail Pro Series qualifying events. Unlike other hunting competitions, AWA events use advanced digital scope technology to record “kills” made with blank cartridges, rewarding hunters who take shots at mature whitetail deer. Follow the drama, action, glory and heartbreak of the adrenaline-filled AWA World Championship that expands the definition of the beloved sport of hunting.

Buccaneers & Bones – Debuts Friday, December 31st at 7:00 p.m. ET, Encore Saturday, January 1st at 2:00 p.m. ET
“Buccaneers and Bones” is presented in partnership with the Bonefish & Tarpon Trust (BTT) and features a collection of luminary anglers, including Tom Brokaw, Michael Keaton, Zach Gilford, Patagonia outdoor clothing company founder Yvon Chouinard, acclaimed photographer R. Valentine Atkinson, Thomas McGuane, Bill Klyn and Lori-Ann Murphy. Narrated by Brokaw, the series casts off from San Pedro Island in Belize and explores the wonders of bone fishing through the eyes of this all-star cast who have each devoted a significant part of their lives to conservation causes. Their mission: to collect three legendary and elusive species of fish while doing their part to preserve these species for future generates. Do they succeed? Check out “Buccaneers & Bones” to find out!

Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show – Debuts Friday, December 31st at 8:00 p.m. ET
Mark Zona, the passionate and highly opinionated expert angler, takes viewers on a totally unscripted fishing journey. Another former ESPN program, the show follows the inevitable highs and lows that come with each cast of the fishing line as Mark highlight’s some of America’s hot fishing spots. From the best bass lakes in the world to shark fishing with Kevin VanDam to catfishing with Bill Dance, “Zona’s Awesome Fishing Show” will keep viewers guessing what the next bite will bring.

Spanish Fly – Debuts Friday, December 31st at 8:30 p.m. ET, Encore Sunday, January 2nd at 9:30 a.m. ET
Hosted by Capt. Jose Wejebe, a Floridian and native Cuban, the show takes viewers on the fishing trips of a lifetime to some of Florida and Latin America’s most picturesque locations. These exotic locales, which are home not only to some of the most beautiful scenery and saltwater destinations, but also to some of the most beautiful fish, will surely inspire any aspiring angler to take a trip of their own. “Spanish Fly” drives home the message that fishing and the saltwater world is an adventure, regardless of where one participates.

The Saltwater Series – Debuts Friday, December 31st at 9:00 p.m. ET
A former ESPN program, now in its fourth season and first on Outdoor Channel, this series focuses on six exhilarating fishing tournament events, which pit fishermen and women of various experience levels in a heated competition for redfish, striped bass, tarpon, bonefish and permit. Anglers ranging from professionals to accomplished sportfishing guides and celebrities battle it out to see who can reel in the ultimate catch.

Alaska Outdoors Television – Debuts Friday, December 31st at 9:30 p.m. ET
Watch as Alaska’s best outdoor enthusiasts team goes up against the challenges of the state’s rugged terrain and harsh conditions. Cameras capture the breathtaking images and scenery of some of Alaska’s most remote frontiers as these teams explore, hunt and fish in Alaska’s last great frontier.

The Fish Fishburne Show – Debuts Friday, December 31st at 11:30 p.m. ET, Encore Saturday, January 1st at 4:00 p.m. ET
The series is a humorous and educational fishing series led by Fish Fishburne, one of the most respected and entertaining celebrities in the bass fishing world. Fishburne, former host of ESPN’s “BassMasters,” “ESPN Outdoors” and current co-host of Outdoor Channel’s “Ultimate Match Fishing Presented by Sta-Bil,” travels to the most famous bass lakes in the U.S., performing unbelievable fishing stunts and teaching viewers a thing or two from his 12 years as a professional bass angler.

Wild on the Fly Presented by Grizzly Hackle – Debuts Saturday, January 1st at 1:30 p.m. ET
“Wild on the Fly” takes viewers on angling adventures at some of the most sought after locations around the country and around the world. This hybrid travel, food and outdoor excursion show will appeal to even non-angler fans with its rich culture, cuisine and high-action adventure. This season will take viewers to five domestic and eight international locations including Alaska, Florida, Mexico, Patagonia, Egypt and Asia.

Outdoors in the Heartland – Debuts Saturday, January 1st at 9:00 p.m. ET
Seasoned outdoor veterans Larry Woodward and Bob Richardson share their expertise on capturing the beauty and wonder of the great outdoors on film. Not only will viewers see some of the most beautiful and picturesque outdoor locations through the eyes of this dynamic duo, but instructional segments will show outdoorsmen how to capture their outdoor escapades on film. Viewers will see big bass, bucks, bulls and bears from all parts of the country, so prepare to take notes.

Fishing University – Debuts Sunday, January 2nd at 9:00 a.m. ET
“Fishing University” is an educational fishing show with the goal of helping viewers learn success-oriented fishing skills and refinements. Hosted by industry veteran and Fishing University owner Charlie Ingram, the show provides highly detailed information which allows anglers of every skill level to learn tips and tricks they can use on their next fishing outings. Each thirty-minute program is as an intensive course on one important aspect of fishing. Likewise, by watching all of the programs, viewers will have learned and acquired all of the skills that are needed to approach fishing with a new level of confidence and skill.

Ford’s Fishing Frontiers – Debuts Sunday, January 2nd at 10:00 a.m. ET
Hitch up the boat, pile on the gear, fire up the Ford F-Series and hit the road in pursuit of redfish, tarpon, bass and salmon alongside two respected authorities on the ways and wonders of each amazing breed in “Ford’s Fishing Frontiers.” Hosted by former banker and converted fishing legend Flip Pallot and assisted on several episodes by eclectic star of ABC’s mega-hit Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and life-long fisherman, Preston Sharp, the show offers viewers a blend of powerful visuals with sweeping natural vistas, 3D animations and original storytelling. Loaded with in-depth science and strategy segments, each show features an ensemble of today’s most respected authorities on conserving, protecting and landing these captivating species.

Under Wild Skies – Debuts Sunday, January 2nd at 3:30 p.m. ET
Follow Tony Makris, legislative and PR strategist by day and outdoor enthusiast by night, as he takes outdoor fans on an adventure across the splendor and mystery of Africa. Tony and notable celebrities go on excursions across Africa’s most dangerous and notorious regions in search of big game hunting and trophies.

Pro Hunter Journal – Debuts Sunday, January 2nd at 4:30 p.m. ET
Hosted by Gregg Ritz, a world renowned muzzle loading expert and big buck authority, this show follows the industry’s most accomplished hunters on their adrenaline-filled pursuits. This season will feature a “Who’s Who” list of dedicated diehard outdoorsmen and women, such as Michael Waddell, Jim Shockey, Stan Potts, Lee and Tiffany Lakosky, and gives viewers a sneak peek into their coveted play books. The show takes viewers on an adrenaline-filled ride to all compass points, from Midwestern whitetail stands to the African dark continent, to pursue big game in extreme conditions. It’s a must-see for hunters of all ages.

Friends of NRA Presented by Brunton – Debuts Sunday, January 2nd at 10:30 p.m. ET
MLB all-star and current personality of Outdoor Channel’s wildly popular “Buck Commander,” Matt Duff teams up with world-class shooter Jessie Abbate to travel across the U.S. fundraising for the Friends of NRA, exploring all of the unseen aspects of the shooting industry. This season, the pair will honor the unsung heroes during a Wounded Warrior Elk Hunt, go behind the scenes of the exclusive Black Bear Hunt and visit the Whittington Center, just to highlight a few of their journeys.

Off-Road Overhaul – Debuts early February 2011
Every great outdoor adventurer needs a great truck to get them to action. Watch as a team of professional mechanics overhaul 4×4 trucks and Jeeps to transform them into high-performance, off-road masterpieces. The crew also takes the owner out for an exciting inaugural adventure in their newly tricked-out ride.

In addition to the nineteen aforementioned shows, Outdoor Channel also welcomes brand-new episodes of fifty of its popular favorites, such as “Bone Collector,” “MidwayUSA’s The Best Defense,” “The Crush with Lee and Tiffany,” “Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures” and “Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild.” Additionally, in 2011, the popular “Trophy Hunters TV” will be hosted by MMA legend and Hall-of-Famer, Matt Hughes.

For the full Q1 programming schedule, please visit: Check local listings or log on to to find out how to get the network in your area.

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