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National Discussion on Creative Rights With POMA - Outdoor Blog Network

JOHNSTOWN, PA – The Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA) launched The Hexagon Dilemma, a national discussion about the sale and purchase of creative content and intellectual property and specifically the ongoing use of all-rights contracts. The online discussion (, among content creators and buyers of creative content, will culminate at the POMA National Rights Summit during the organization’s Annual Business Conference in Ogden, Utah, Aug. 11, 2011.

“The purpose of this open discussion and rights summit is to stimulate conversation between content creators, including writers, photographers, broadcasters and videographers, and the entities that purchase creative works,” said POMA Chairman Bill Miller.

“POMA is hearing of more and more all-rights contracts being offered. All-rights contracts are a deep concern among content creators, but are touted as ‘essential for survival in today’s business environment’, among content buyers,” Miller adds.

“We’re asking professionals on all sides of this issue to enter into a productive and honest discussion, find answers to a myriad of questions and explore solutions that serve and benefit both sides.”

During the POMA National Rights Summit, groups of journalists, content buyers, media company executives and legal specialists will present their input and brainstorm solutions that could be adopted nationwide. The brainstorming session will be followed by a presentation of suggestions by each group.

POMA has reached out to numerous creative groups and associations, including American Society of Media Photographers, Association of Journalists and Authors and regional and state outdoor journalists’ organizations, as well as literary and copyright legal experts requesting their participation in the online discussion and at the National Rights Summit.

To engage in the online discussion, visit the POMA website ( If you’re already a POMA member or have a guest login account, simply log in and click on the 2011 Rights Summit link to join the discussion. If you do not have a POMA account, register for a guest account to join the discussion.

Laurie Lee Dovey, Executive Director


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