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Interview with Jody Scott of Tacticool22 - Outdoor Blog Network

I’m here with Jody Scott of Tacticool22. Jody, please tell us a little about your company.

Tacticool22 is a family owned company in Springfield, Oregon. We are located in the heart of hunting, shooting and outdoors country. We have a very close connection to the local shooting community. We are a self-funded corporation with no loans for financing. We rely completely on our loyal customer base for continued growth. Everything we make is made in house, in Oregon or in the United States by certified manufacturers. We carry some well known brands too because they offer a unique product that we would like to offer our customers.

Everything with the Tacticool22 logo is 100% made in the U.S.A.; we don’t assemble offshore components or any other trickery. With Tacticool22, Made in the U.S.A. means exactly that. The quality of our products shows the pride and attention to detail that is taken in every step from concept to delivery. We are always ready to receive input about our products or what products we should make. We are not restricted to the .22 firearm by the way.

How did you come up with the idea for Tacticool22?

I was looking at different firearms at a local gun shop and they showed me this new rifle they were excited about. It was the Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22. I bought it immediately. I realized as soon as they handed me the rifle, that here was a new market. The only magazine at the time was a 25 rounder, so I designed a magazine restrictor to limit the mag to 10 rounds. I built the mold and ran a few thousand parts. There are trimming ribs so you can change the capacity to 15 or 20 rounds. You can also block the new 10 round short mags to 5 rounds for hunting in States that require that.

The barrel had a plain non threaded muzzle, so I came up with a threaded end a non-machinist could slip over the muzzle so that a flash hider, muzzle brake, or flash hider could be attached. The Colt M4/M16 .22LR and H&K 416 .22LR series needed some help with that too.

Lots of new and exciting products are in development. Tactical + cool + .22 firearms = Tacticool22

A lot of companies have jumped into the tactical .22 market during the last couple of years. What do you attribute this to?

The fun factor and low cost of the .22 ammo. The firearms are usually lower cost and lighter too, so children and smaller adults can handle them comfortably and not get gun shy about recoil and loud noise. Plus the higher quality guns have exact operating features so when the young shooter transitions to the full size version, they know exactly how to work it. Then the shooter will be ready to purchase the larger caliber gun and the gun company just sold two or more guns. Pretty smart for the companies.

If you could make one improvement to a specific firearm, what would that be?

The Colt M4/M16 series needs to have the safety move 90 degrees from safe to fire. That will be the same as all other AR-15 style rifles. There is talk that that will be addressed.

If you weren’t running Tacticool22, what would you be doing?

Designing and developing new items for other industries. I have a mechanical engineering CAD/CAM background and have built another successful business that does plastic injection molding, part design, mold design and mold building. A one stop plastic shop if you will. We can machine or mold anything that I can dream up. So, I guess I would just be doing more of what I already do.

You recently started using social media to communicate with your customers and gun enthusiasts. How has this impacted your business?

I have seen a nearly 100% increase in communication and a significant increase in sales. Sales are driven in part from relationships. I and my sales staff work with each customer like they are the most important person. And for the sales call they are. We talk about the weather, or how their local shooting club is, what is going on at a favorite gun shop, what their least favorite gun shop, gun, ammo, Etc. All this information gives us the ability to customize the experience for each customer.

If they are going to buy something they clearly don’t need, we might steer them to something that would suit them better, or recommend they not buy the item. The time we spend with each person is value added time for us. The large corporations look at phone time as time/money lost, and you can tell when you try to contact them.

I need to add that the help of family and friends has made the company what it is and will help us grow into what it can be. The personal relationships are the lifeblood of this company, without that extra help, love, respect and support, we would not be where we are and would have no future. Thank you everybody, you know who you are.

Where can we find more information about your company and products?

You can find us through our Web sites at and

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