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SHOT Show 2011 Day 3 - Outdoor Blog Network

Let’s take a look at what we saw on day 3 of SHOT Show 2011.

Day 3 Highlights

SentrySafe Multi-use Security Cabinet – Rifle hunters can choose from numerous safes to secure their firearms, and now bowhunters can do the same for their bows. I spoke at length with Scott Alread, who was previously with Bear Archery, about the new multi-use security cabinet, and I feel that this is going to be a big hit with bow hunters. It features storage hooks for hanging your bows, a spot in the door for your arrows, and space for your clothing, boots, and other bowhunting accessories.

SentrySafe Multi-use Security Cabinet

SentrySafe Home Defense Center – As more people purchase firearms for home defense, it’s nice to see a safe that holds a little more firepower and offers additional features not found in the smaller pistol safes.  In addition to a quiet, electronic lock, the Home Defense Center also features a top tray for keys, flashlights, and other items. It easily mounts in any corner of the room, and offers at-the-ready presentation of pistols for either left or right-handed shooters.

SentrySafe Home Defense Center

Visit the SentrySafe Web site for more information.

Alpz Outdoors Pathfinder – Alpz introduces a versatile pack for hunters. With no effort, it changes from an 800 cu. in. fanny pack to a 1900 cu. in. day pack. When packing meat, it maxes out at2700 cu. in.  It also has a pocket and straps to hold your rifle or bow securely in place.

Visit the Aplz Outdoors Web site for more information.

Beavertail Gunner Waterfowl Blind – This blind features a spring-loaded backrest, which literally thrusts you into a sitting position, enabling you to zero in on waterfowl much quicker. Unlike most other blinds on the market, this one also features a side-entry system, which is a life saver for hunters with bad backs or knees. You can either leave the sides up and climb over the top, or you can quickly detach the side and crawl through the opening.

Beavertail Gunner Waterfowl Blind

Visit the Beavertail Web site for more information.

FOXPRO Furtaker Predator Vest – For years, turkey hunters have had a multitude of choices when it comes to vests. The same can’t always be said for predator hunters, until now. FOXPRO introduces the Furtaker Predator Vest, which features two large, zippered pockets to hold your calls, shells, rangefinder, and other accessories, a padded seat, a full-length decoy pocket, and an external pocket to hold your remote.

FOXPRO Furtaker Predator Vest

Visit the FOXPRO Web site for more information.

Mountain House Wraps – I’ve always enjoyed eating freeze-dried food from Mountain House, and it’s not because they’re just up the road in Albany Oregon; it’s because their food actually tastes good. When I saw that they came out with a new filling for making wraps using your own tortillas, I suddenly became hungry. Unfortunately I missed the free samples at their booth, but I did grab a bag, and will be trying some at home.

Mountain House Wraps

Visit the Mountain House Web site for more information.

Pelican Netbook and iPad Cases – Pelican displayed a new series of cases for netbooks and iPads, allowing you to take your computer or tablet device outdoors without worrying about dings and scrapes.

Pelican iPad Case

Visit the Pelican Web site for more information.

Mojo Outdoors Mud Seat – This seat has three arms that fold out, keeping you stable while waterfowl hunting in the muck. I’ve seen other seats that only have 2 arms. The only drawback is that the seat doesn’t have any padding, so you probably won’t be sitting on it for extended amounts of time. When I asked about this, there weren’t any plans to offer a padded seat cover at this time.

Mojo Outdoors Mud Seat

Visit the Mojo Outdoors Web site for more information.

Limbsaver Kodiak Firearm Sling – This sling should make shoulder fatigue a thing of the past. I needed one of these on my bag during SHOT Show to save me from the weight of all the product material that I carried around. It also features non-slip NAVCOM ridges to ensure that your rifle stays put on your shoulder.

Limbsaver Kodiak Firearm Sling

Visit the Limbsaver Web site for more information.

Midland XTC Wearable Video Camera – Midland’s new line of action cameras uses a sliding mechanism to turn the camera off and on. This feature will save me from stopping one of my friends while riding motorcycles to tell me if the camera’s turned on. If you’ve ever attached an action camera to a helmet or hat before, you’ll know what I mean. The XTC series records in MPEG-4 format up to 1920×1080 resolution (XTC-300/350 models), features a multi-coated, tempered glass lens with a 140 degree viewing angle, and can take up to a 32 GB SD memory card.

Midland XTC Wearable Video Camera

Visit the Midland Web site for more information.

Bridgford Sandwiches – These sandwiches, which require no refrigeration and have a shelf-life of 3 years, reminded me a little of Hot Pockets. While not gourmet food, they taste decent, and would be a good addition to your pack during long backcountry hunts.

Bridgford Sandwiches

Visit the Bridgford Foods Web site for more information.


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