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FreshTRAX Outdoors, Fall 2011 Product Review Primer - Pacific Northwest Bowhunting

We want to provide a brief introduction to some of the gear we are testing this fall.  We aren’t in the business of conducting reviews in the comforts of the office, so to speak.  Instead, we utilize every product as we would – as YOU would – in real hunting and back-country conditions.

We are professional product developers and while we may be a bit more picky than most, we are all about objectivity and honesty.  We tell it like we see it.  Otherwise, what’s the point?  In the end, we want manufacturers to produce better products so hunters and outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy better value for their hard-earned dollars, and in turn, better outdoor/hunting experiences in the field.  And we want to provide you, our readers, with valuable information to help inform your purchase decisions.

This fall we are using a lot of new gear from the following companies (and likely a few others as the season progresses) and will be publishing our formal reviews during the post-season.  Along the way, we will share our experiences to provide a glimpse into the context of use.  Most importantly, we look forward to your questions and feedback along the way.