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Product Review: Limbsaver FletchPod & Broadhead Pod

Today’s modern arrow assemblies are nothing short of impressive.  Composite arrow manufacturing processes yield exquisite, consistent shafting to build upon.  Following suit, we have an ever-widening selection of broadheads and fletching options to choose from.  In the end, a loaded quiver of hunting arrows is a sizeable investment for today’s bowhunter!

Protecting your investment and ensuring your arrows are ready to perform in the field is critically important.  LimbSaver’s new “Pod” solutions – the Broadhead Pod and Fletch Pod – protect your broadheads and fletching independently and inexpensively.  Watch the video for all the details.

Additional Sizing/Fit Details:

  • Broadhead Pods fit shaft sizes: .25” to .35” diameter, fixed 3-Blade Broadheads with a max cutting diameter of 1.375” and most expandables.
  • Fletch Pods fit shaft sizes: .25” to .35” diameter, maximum fletch height .55” x 4.2” length.