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The Continuing Saga of the Iconic Wolf - The Last Frontier

A wolf  is a killing machine. That is how they make their living. Back in the days of Red Ridinghood folks knew a wolf for what it was, an opportunistic killer. As such that was how he was dealt with, if he messed with Red’s livestock he was removed from the picture. A slight contrast from the way the wolf is seen today. Today he roams the earth free to plunder to his hearts content with total protection. So how did they get from rogue of the past to the sacred icon he is today?  Why is even  he there in the first place?  The simple answer is money and emotions. Emotions are the why. Money is the how and a big part of the why. Back in Red’s day folks lived on family farms they understood predators, their livelihood depended on it. If wolf  ate Reds cow Red went hungry so wolf was dealt with in a timely fashion.

Opportunistic predators come in many shapes and forms; there is a two legged variety who preys on the worlds kind hearted. Living in his high rise Walter Mitty doesn’t get out much his main form of excitement is watching TV and reading Rudyard Kippling. Walter knows the wolf is  wise and caring, after all Rudyard wrote about him in a book so  Walter knows this to be true. As a child Walter  sat enthralled watching the Walt Disney Show where all animals lived in peace and harmony.  Now the two legged predator knowing how Walter believes in all gia worship spewed from Hollywood sees an opportunity. Kind hearted Walter might part with some of his hard earned dollars to help out the wolf. First he had to come up with a villain, one who could be perceived as an oppressor of  wolf.  The self serving hunter who takes food from wolf’s pups to feed his own greedy family and the rancher who refuses to share his cattle and sheep with  wolf would fill the bill just fine. Now that our two legged friend has created the problem and its villains, it’s time to go to work on Walter. Walter I know you would like to help wolf feed his pups but the evil hunters and ranchers are taking his food and forcing him from his home. If we work together we help correct this inequity. I could take the bus to Capital City and convince the law givers to make laws the would protect wolf. All I would need from you is some money for bus fare and a little for food and lodging while I’m in Capital City.

Hence the birth of animal rights, the protectors of the hapless little balls of fuzz. Now to create a little public awareness a few Hollywood biologists were recruited to explain the plight of the predator to all of Walters caring but uninformed friends. Walters friends were more than happy to help the wolf so the dollars poured into two legged’s coffers. As they became “informed” Walter and his friends began to disseminate to positions where they could help the poor wolf assume his true roll in the order of things. Some produced videos for Defenders of Wildlife on YouTube to bring about awareness. Others sought gainful employment by becoming conservationist.  Still more made their contributions by seeking appointments to the judiciary. However the wolfs crowning glory came when he was canonized by the priest of gia. Saint Wolf  was no longer a scheming blood thirsty rogue he was now a patron saint of mother earth holding his rightful place in society. It is now the hunter who hunts for “sport” and the greedy rancher who are the scoundrels and must be purged.

All of this brings saint wolf to where he is today. Saint wolf has worked hard since he was canonized not only has he flourished himself; he has also helped the plight of all predators. Walter and his friends haven’t been sitting around either. They have lobbied the law givers to create bureaucracies like the Endangered Species Act to protect all predators. They have turned the tables on hunters who no longer hunt to feed their families but hunt for “sport”. Ranchers and farmers no longer raise food to feed the world they are greedy land grubbing capitalist who pillage mother earth.

The Saga of the Iconic Wolf will Continue