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Murphy and Hunting Camp - The Last Frontier

Murphy’s Law: If something can go wrong it will and he will do it at the worst possible time. Trying to get a hunting camp together  before clients arrive is about the worst time to be entertaining an unruly guest like Murphy.  We got to Alaska’s Hunting Specialities camp at Icy Bay here on the Gulf of Alaska for spring bear season a few days ago. Murphy beat us. Not an internal combustion engine was left alive or a water pump unbroken. Day one went pretty good we got most of the 4-wheelers and trucks going, we’re whooping Murphy pretty good.  Dave our head mechanic guy spent most of the day turning two dead water pumps into one good pump. I got the 4-wheelers going our camp manager, a retired Special Forces officer, keep the camp help cleaning and shoveling last years mess up. All in all not a bad day. Day two Murphy regroups and takes out a truck and a hundred or so feet of water line. The sneaky little bugger let Dave get water up to a hundred feet of the camp before he busted the line. Since the camp is on glacial moraine, gravel, the water goes down instead of up where the leak could be found. By the end of the day our boss Garrett Cox would have snatched himself bald if he would had any hair to snatch. This is day three we are thinking maybe we could get the guys who took out Bin Laden could help us out with Murphy. Desperate times need desperate action.