Firewood season

January 29, 2011

Life in Alaska’s bush centers on the outdoors and the land, nearly all of our necessities come from the there. Food, firewood, building material, salad greens, even plants for medicinal uses you name it we probably get it from our backyard. Speaking of firewood every winter about this time all you’ll be hearing around our […]

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The Yellowstone Wolves

January 14, 2011

I love the Internet I can live in the most remote part of Alaska and read news papers from almost any where in the world. Yesterday I was reading an article from the Washington Post on the Yellowstone elk herd and it decline over the past few years. Yellowstone elk aren’t really an Alaska issue […]

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You’re Never Too Old

January 7, 2011

We live in a pretty remote area in Alaska about 50 miles from the nearest road. Our only full time neighbor is Bud who will be 87 this spring. Bud still gets his own firewood in and puts up a 5000 sq. ft. garden every summer. For Bud hard work is just a way of […]

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Get Yourself Ready for the Big One

August 7, 2010

Whether you are doing a guided hunt in Alaska or a DYI in the Rockies you need to be in shape. Every year I have at least one hunting client whose hunt turn out to be less than expected because he wasn’t in shape physically or not prepared in some other way. Getting prepared is […]

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Campfire Kids and Other Homestead Fun

November 15, 2009

In the bush you live by the seasons; hunting season, trapping season, building season. Freeze up, break up there is a season for everything. Freeze up is a fantastic time in the bush hunting is over trapping hasn’t started it is more laid back time. Time for fun stuff like yesterday Jenny made homemade marshmallows […]

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More From The 2009 Hunting Season In Alaska

October 29, 2009
Some moose browsing

Hunting season is finally over this was the longest one in several years. I spent most of August guiding float trips for brown bear on the Skwentna River then headed down to the Gulf of Alaska to Icy Bay to guide some more brown bear and moose hunts. Some moose browsing We saw a lot […]

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My 2009 Hunting Season In Alaska

September 16, 2009

I got a few days off between  hunts so I thought I would post a few pictures from my 2009 hunting season. I’m headed back to Icy Bay this weekend for a couple more moose hunts then I’m done for the year. Here is Mark one of my hunting clients with his first Alaskan moose. […]

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Black Bear Baiting

June 13, 2009
A nice spring black bear

In my opinion hunting black bear over bait is way underrated it’s by far my favorite. I didn’t start out hunting them that way things just sort of evolved. In fact until I moved to where we live now I didn’t even hunt for black bears, except as incidentals while hunting other species. My family and […]

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Livin' The Life

June 8, 2009
Home Sweet Home

I thought I would use my first shot here in my PTO Field Journal to introduce myself and tell a little about life in the Alaskan bush. I live on a remote Alaska homestead with my wife and children. Our home is in southcentral Alaska it is just under an hour flying time from Anchorage […]

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