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Alaska's Lone Ranger Congressman Tells It Like It Is. - The Last Frontier

While most of the lower 48 is putting in or getting ready to put their gardens most of us in Alaska are fighting break up. March and April is the time of the year when snow is at it’s best, so that is when we get our firewood and building logs in for the year. I’m no exception I have been fighting weather, changing snow conditions, and snow machines since early March. But I had to take time out to give the devil his due, the devil in this case is Alaska’s lone ranger congressman Don Young.

I’ve had my disagreements with Don Young Alaska’s only congressman, but the other day he did something that should make every Alaskan proud. A while back he was given an award by the Humane Society of the United States for his work in his Marine Mammal Assistance Amendments. Even though the amendments fail muster the HSUS decided to honor him with their Humane Award, which Congress Young promptly turned down HSUS calling them (HSUS) the hypocrites that they are.  HSUS has been Young’s nemeses for the better part of Young’s  stint in congress. Congressman Young has been an avid supporter of consumptive use of wildlife his entire career. Congressman Young recognizes Alaska’s rich traditions of hunting, fishing, and trapping  a stance that has put him at odds with many animal rights groups like HSUS. You got to love a politician who is willing to take a stand against the gia worshiping folks and back those of us who live closest to the resources.  If the other 534 members of congress had Rep. Young’s tenacity America’s resources would be the better for it.

The Anchorage Daily News article.